Individual Counseling

Though circumstance may vary: anxiety, anger problems, controlling fear, depression, codependency, having a better understand themselves, or to enhance their relationships, all who enter counseling have a result in mind. Our counselors will take your desires to heart and walk with you reaching your goal.


Family Counseling

Family units exist in all shapes and sizes; single to multiple children, teens, extended families, or blended family members. Family relationships are both dynamic and complex. Oftentimes, there is no single element or solution to the breakdown of a family unit. Our counselors will assist you in repairing and improving the relationships of the entire family.


Temperament Therapy

The APS (Arno Profile System) provides an efficient method of collecting and analyzing the nature of an individual’s temperament or “spiritual genetics.”  The APS Report, blended with counseling, provides a detailed analysis of a person’s inborn temperament, assisting individuals understand their created inborn needs, strengths, weaknesses. That each person may find rest and peace through the knowledge and understanding of their temperament. 


Support Group

Support Groups bring individuals together who are having difficulty navigating similar life’s issues. Connecting experiences, hopes, and testimonies with others that are facing alike matters brings support to individuals through the strength of relationship. 


Christ-Centered Mindfulness Therapy

Welcome to working with difficult emotions through Christ-Centered Compassion-Focused Therapy. Because our goal isn’t to deal with only the threatening emotions, such as anxiety or anger, but to develop a new strength of compassion within ourselves – which we call “True Strength.” Developing new strength means that you will learn new methods of dealing with difficult emotions and release the true Peace of God within you. Though it can feel very vulnerable talking about your feelings, you’ll have an opportunity to share a bit about yourself and perhaps get to know what you hope to achieve through Christ-Centered Compassion-Focused Therapy.


Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy

Essential oil raindrop is a relaxation technique that provides emotional release relaxation and spiritual healing while essential oils and aromatherapy are utilized to create an atmosphere of peace in conjunction with reflexology and gentle massage raindrop technique releases toxins and stress bringing about physical, mental and emotional calm.

We offer counseling in a wide range of life issues including : Relationships | Family | Finances | Emotions | Addiction | Depression | Anxiety | Crisis | Communication | Conflict Resolution | Death | Grief | Life Transition | Codependency | Stress Management | Pre-Marital| Marriage | Health and Body | Religion 

Free Consultation Session

Oasis for Life Wellness Center offers all prospective clients a free in-person 30-minutes consultation with a qualified and personable professional. We provide you with the opportunity to get to know your counselor before making the decision to move forward with therapy, as it is important to your success. To schedule your free consultation, contact us via phone or email.

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